Are Tungsten Rings Prone to Breakage

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This is a question very prevalent among jewelry buyers and you can find many people asking this question in Beverly Diamond Reviews. You may also have wondered whether the tungsten rings would break. One of the main reasons behind this doubt is its reputation as a very hard material. Hence, it is quite natural to doubt whether it will hold good upon application of pressure. Below is a discussion on whether the Tungsten rings do break and the related properties you need to understand when you are looking to purchase one of these rings.


Tungsten carbide is possibly the hardest substance utilized for making rings. There are not many harder substances that are used to create wedding rings. The Mohs Hardness Scale positions material hardness from 1 (mildest) to a 10 (hardest). Overall, diamonds (the hardest gemstone known to man) rank a 10. Tungsten positions in the limits of 8 and 9, so it occupies a very high position on the scale.

This incredible hardness is the reason tungsten takes everlasting cleanliness and is almost impossible to scratch. As a result, many people like tungsten rings and wedding rings – due to their scratch resistance. Individuals working in highly active endeavors like mechanics love tungsten rings since they face a high degree of metal contact every day.

For What Reason Do Tungsten Rings Break?

In any case, the same property that makes tungsten rings so scratch resistant also makes them fragile. The harder a material is, the more fragile it is. Similarly, a precious stone, the hardest material on earth, will not scratch except by another jewel. However, it can break or chip. The same applies to a tungsten ring. Like a precious stone, this hard material isn’t impossible to destroy under huge power.

Hence, it is necessary to look out and be cautious when searching for a tungsten ring. If you are planning to get it on a site, be warned that you may not receive this guarantee.

Con of Tungsten Rings

Similar to a diamond, tungsten is very scratch-proof and will not curve easily. However, it will break if enough force or weight is connected to it. Trustworthy gem specialists and makers will offer a lifetime guarantee that covers this by giving a substitution ring if there arise an occurrence of unplanned breakage. Furthermore, remember that because of its hardness, tungsten rings cannot be resized.

Keep the above factors in mind if you are planning to buy a tungsten ring.

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