6 Top Vegan Restaurants In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam city has many new vegan restaurants, which decorate its food scene in remarkable ways. These restaurants are places where everyone irrespective of being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian can have tasty foods. Here are some of the most amazing vegan restaurants in Amsterdam city, which you must explore on your Amsterdam private tours.


This is originally a vegan grocery store. The store has so many varieties of plant-based food for sale. You can get your snack bars, spreads, egg alternatives, cheese substitutes and vegan meat here. In front of the shop, there is a small café area where you can get homemade lunches and fresh coffee and snacks. You can also have beautiful views of the canals from here.

Alchemist Garden

This place is known for the very warm welcome that it offers to the visitors. The fresh organic meals served here are the highlight of the place. You can have the raw vegetable lasagna here along with mushroom, spinach, and ricotta. If you like hotdogs, you may try the beetroot, chia seed or even walnut hot dogs. Fermented drinks and cakes are also available here.

Mr. and Mrs. Watson

This is the ideal place to dine for all cheese lovers. It is located on the eastern side of the city and produces award-winning cheeses of varieties of forms. This includes the spicy Roquefort, which is homemade, and the creamy cashew fondue that comes with a huge bowl of bread. The art deco style shelving of the restaurant makes it look so elegant.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

This is the place where you can have quick grabs of your favorite foods. Plant-based patties along with tomatoes and deep fried onion rings, lettuce and homemade sauce with molten vegan cheese, will surely make you fall in love with the food court. They have three outlets in the city and are very famous among tourists.


This food joint has an awesome collection of homemade desserts which make it lovable. You can also have salads, bagels and plant-based burgers here. All the foods served here are devoid of lactose and egg. The peanut butter brownie is also delicious.

The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

You can have the amazing green buns at this place. The owners claim that they serve the healthiest burgers in the world. The cultivated seaweeds are the main ingredient of these burgers. The veggie burger gets a very different taste from the normal ones because of its other ingredients like superfood chlorella and soy shreds. The weed bites of the restaurant are also a highlight. 

Pay a visit to these vegan food courts while you are in Amsterdam.

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