A List of Offbeat Attractions in Amsterdam

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Private Tulip Tour Amsterdam
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Most people that hear “Amsterdam” think of coffee shops and canals, and then that is pretty much it because these are all that the majority of visitors see when they are here. Younger tourists are wont to visit the coffee shops a lot, while older ones like spending time on canal trips. Both groups typically enjoy the occasional bike tour, as well as visiting famous museums in this beautiful city. After doing those things, they generally tend to move on to another part of the country or continent, or simply leave for home.

Amsterdam actually has a lot more to offer, as you would probably have guessed already. This beautiful city reveals new things with each visit that you make. Still, a lot of people get bored because they do not know what to do with their time in a way that lasts in memory. All that really requires is knowing a couple or more off-beat places and activities which are accessible year-round, or even just seasonally. Below are some places to visit in Amsterdam if you have begun to feel sick of the crowds at the Van Gogh museum, or have bored of spending time at the coffee shops.

The Tulip Museum

The typical private Tulip tour Amsterdam has to offer is something every visitor should partake in. This museum is actually a room placed inside a tulip shop, which in turn serves up a wealth of options to people interested in looking around or buying flowers. You go there and get all of Holland’s tulip history explained to you in a way which is fun to listen to, including some quirky stuff such as the fact that it was the 17th-century Ottoman Empire that introduced tulips in the country. These bulb shaped flowers rose to huge regional popularity after that, especially among the upper classes. Even now, tulips hold great value and place in Dutch culture. If you are in the Netherlands with time to kill, it makes sense to visit this place and expand your knowledge about the history of this flower here.

The Jordaan

The Jordaan is a beautiful place located next to the city center, and is mostly occupied by the working class people of Amsterdam. There is a broad and sufficient assortment of little shops, cafes, and restaurants here that it is easily a mecca for the food enthusiast, and best of all, it is never crowded. Most people visit The Jordaan in the summer to catch a delightful meal. It is also an interesting place to wander about, full of beautiful narrow streets along which you find all kinds of pubs and neat shops. This neighborhood is superb for leisurely window shopping, although chances are you will be buying a lot of stuff, because to the average tourist, most of the souvenirs sold here are to die for.

Foam (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam)

This is actually a photography museum in Amsterdam which came to being in 2001, and features a wide collection of beautiful pictures. Even though the establishment is situated in a major part of the city, you are thankfully spared crowds when you visit most times of day. Foam should really be included on your list of must-see places in Amsterdam, especially if you are an art or photography buff. The place also organizes exhibitions by renowned photographers and displays a number of temporary exhibits by artists who are coming up in the field. The displays of black-and-white photographs here are phenomenal; plus, you can find a splendid outdoor garden here to relax in.

The Houseboat Museum

This houseboat is really not comparable to any other museum you have ever been to, for the simple fact that it is worlds different. You basically take a ride in this beautifully decorated boat, and it shows you how it would be living a life where you spend most of your time on the canal. This boat was built during 1914, and its real purpose was to haul coal, gravel, and sand. It was, however, converted to a housing boat by the 1960s, and was used for 20 years by people needing a place to stay. Maybe they had it tough, but living in a houseboat is a dream for a lot of people these days.


Oost is actually a wonderful neighborhood in Amsterdam inhabited by a mixture of cultures. Here you can find parks, zoos, and a number of Middle Eastern eateries. This place is also full of greenery which is backdropped by the spectacular views offered by the canal waters, and is famous for its ever-full roster of events and colorful festivals such as Keti Koti, for instance. Because of that, a lot of tourists can be seen wandering around the place at almost any given time. There is also a fantastic street market in this neighborhood called the Dappermarkt located in the Dapperstraat, where you can purchase a wide range of items from fresh produce to beautiful cloth. The market also serves cheese, good fish, and at times even delectable sushi wrap.

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