Amsterdam Adventure Tours

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Amsterdam Private Tours
Amsterdam Private Tours

Only a few European cities offer tours that blend heritage with unique urban experiences and Amsterdam private toursdo exactly that. There are facilities for pot smoking in cafes, museum tours, taste unique Dutch foods and exploring the city architecture. The canal boat rides and trams offer a memorable touring experience for visitors. Also, nature-based cycling and historical sightseeing are popular choices among tourists. Besides these, the city offers adventure activities for highly active and enthusiastic tourists. Listed below are some of the adventure activities that you can experience in Amsterdam.


The Markermeer Waterland located to the north of Amsterdam offers outdoor activities for adventure enthusiasts. There are patchworks of meadows, colorful villages, farmhouses and grazing cows here. Also, there is another village Holysloot with whitewashed churches and there are canoe rentals available here. These locations offer adventure activities within the ambiance of traditional Dutch villages surrounded by pristine natural beauty.

Red Light District

The red light district is a popular destination for tourists and it is known as Rossebuurt among the locals. It guarantees to offer a treasure trove of experience for first-time visitors and an ideal place for photography lovers. Many tourists go along with a local photographer to know and understand about the infamous local neighborhood. Besides, this area has been the location of many famous movies and you cannot miss this locality anytime you visit Amsterdam.

Roller Skating In Vondelpark

People can rent roller skates and skate along the city lanes and explore the entire city on their own. There is also a group of skaters getting involved in night skating that embarks on a 20 km adventure through and around the city. This takes place every week on Fridays where they start at Vondelpark and it is a theme-based night exploration of the night on skates. In this way, you can get to know the city in a very unique way and make friends as well.

Horse Riding

The riding schools of Nieuwe Amstelland and De Amsterdamse offer the opportunity to explore the scenic vistas of Amsterdamse Bos on top of a horse. These riding schools are located inside a forest and offer 20km long winding horse trials. Besides trotting through the forest, riding schools in coastal areas offer hour-long evening trial rides along the sandy shores. Hence, it can be considered as one of the best private tours of Amsterdam as they provide an adventurous experience unlike any.

All these adventure activities can be tiring and you can wind up the day by chilling at any of the amazing pubs for a drink or the special spas.

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