An Introvert’s Guide to Visiting Amsterdam

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If you are an introvert visiting Amsterdam and are slightly worried about the state of your trip, you should know that is not enough reason to actually stress out. Amsterdam is a great place for introverts to spend quality time, and while it does have a reputation as a party city, certain lifestyles are upheld here that encourage peaceful relaxation. Board that flight and come over to enjoy gratifyingly quiet ambiances at the right spots in this city. Below are a few places to visit if you a peace-seeker out to explore Amsterdam.


If you are looking for comparatively silent neighborhoods, you certainly have to stay away from central Amsterdam. Instead, there are several places to head to, such as Noord, West, and Oost. There are also several dedicated arrangements for solo travelers. The Volkshotel in Oost is one of the finer places to stay, and is a hub for the creative minded in the city. Furthermore, Sir Adam in Noord is located along the northern banks of the river IJ, and is a great place to stay during your Amsterdam private tours.

Museums, Landmarks, and Other Attractions

It is better to skip the central Amsterdam region, because that area will almost definitely be crowded. However, there are several other places in the city that should pique your interest. Places like the Plantage neighborhood, with the Jewish Historical Museum, the Portuguese Synagogue, Hortus Botanical Gardens, and Artis Zoo, are accessible from here. These places generally do not attract big-sized crowds.

You can also take a peek into the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Stedelijk. By visiting on weekends, you can also avoid large crowds and admire the works displayed at these places in solitude. There are also several other lesser-known museums around Amsterdam which you can explore.

Shopping And Coffee

Like most major cities in Europe, Amsterdam gets packed with tourists during the weekends. Major shopping districts and coffee shops teem with crowds at these times. Hence, it is sensible to explore these areas during the weekdays.

Besides, there are several coffee shops in Amsterdam that maintain their quiet ambiance and don’t bother customers after they have given their orders. For great coffees, check out some of the many barista-run espresso bars and roasters. Besides, there are also excellent bookstores such as The American Book Center and Scheltema. These are silent getaways for book lovers, where you can spend ample time by yourself without being disturbed.

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