Best Places For Your Pets In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Private Tours
Amsterdam Private Tours

We love our animal friends. They are trustworthy, helpful and pure-hearted beings that love their owners with their whole hearts. Unfortunately, most of us cannot take them with us when we travel to other countries either because of travel constraints or inconvenience. Moreover, it is not easy to catch their attention and keep them engaged. But there are places where things are different, like in Amsterdam.

You can bring your pets with you without giving it a second thought. Amsterdam has beautiful places that both you and your pets will enjoy.  Here are the prime places in Amsterdam that you should visit with your pet.

Artis Zoo

The Artis Zoo has been a house for different rare species for over 100 years and has tended to the distinct needs of different animals ranging from reptiles like anaconda to mammals like elephants. Artis Zoo is also known across the world for the first-ever microscopic zoo- Micropia. This place has huge potential to help us in studying microbes in detail and is definitely a significant step in microbial studies.

Boerderij Westerpark

Even though this place is mainly meant for kids, you will parents who have come along with them. The natural setting of the park which lets you pet the animals there will thrill your pets if you take them with you. Boergerij Waterpark mostly has a good number of goats, pigs, sheep, and cows. 

De Poezenboot

Not all animals have homes. Some are homeless and roam about in streets searching for food. De Poezenboot is a unique idea that solves a persisting problem in a very entertaining way. It provides shelter to homeless cats in a mobile houseboat. Can you guess what the catch is? They are allowed to move freely inside the boat. Visitors are allowed during the day and they appreciate help from everyone.

Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve

Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve is an organic goat farm that lets people from outside enjoy the serene habitat of a healthy farm and its goats. It has stables with milk-white baby goats who are extremely friendly and can be pet and fed. 

Boerderij Meerzicht

Boerderij Meerzicht is a restaurant specialized in making tasty pancakes and other lunchtime staples. However, this restaurant also owns a huge beautiful garden that is home to deer and peacocks. As they are well-acquainted with humans, you will find them roaming freely in the restaurant. 

Make sure to check out these places with your pets when on Amsterdam private tours.

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