Different Ways for Getting Around in Amsterdam

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When you think of Amsterdam private tours, one of the important things that will come to your mind will be different ways to get around Amsterdam. Different methods are available for you to choose from like cars, bus, metro, bike etc. You may even choose to explore Amsterdam on foot, as it is a wonderful city which is very pedestrian friendly. In this article, we are dealing with different modes of transportation facilities which will help you to tour the Amsterdam.

Getting Around in Amsterdam by Car

We would recommend avoiding car journey as much as possible. Exploring Amsterdam by car can be a slow and expensive method. There are a lot of narrow streets and bridges in Amsterdam which makes it difficult to travel around in a car. The parking fees can be also high as € 5 per hour in the city center, so it is not exactly a pocket friendly way either.

If you plan to visit Amsterdam by car, then the best way to park your car is at the Park & Ride facility. Even though, these parking spaces are located on the outskirts of the city center, good public transportation facilities are available from these places to all parts of the city. The parking fee is also low for these facilities, which is almost € 8 for 24 hours.

Public Transportation Facilities

This is one of the affordable and easy ways to get around Amsterdam. The city has a wide network of different public transportation facilities like bus, metro, tram, train, etc. There is an “OV chip card” which is the only way to travel on different public transportation facilities in Amsterdam. These cards are available for a wide range of fares from single journey to a seven day pass. The OV passes for single journey or for 24 hours can be purchased from train stations as well as onboard on most trams.

A tram is a great way to travel around the city, and they will be available regularly until midnight. The metro is a very fast method to travel, but is mostly useful when you want to travel to places which are outside the city center.

Getting around on a bicycle

This is the best way to explore Amsterdam as the city is very bicycle friendly. If you want to get the most out of your trip, rent a bicycle and explore this wonderful place on your own. Amsterdam is comparatively small and it is easy to reach major sites on a bike. There are also special tracks for bicycles, which makes travelling easier, convenient and safe for you. So stop thinking and set out on a private bike tour Amsterdam to enjoy this beautiful place.

Getting around on foot

If you want to explore the secrets of Amsterdam, then this is the best way for you. Considering the relatively small size of this place, it will be easy for you to travel around the city on foot. There are many hidden cafes and attractive shops that you might miss if you travel by any other means. So get set and walk around the city to know its soul. The charming city towers, beautiful canals, alluring churches and small alleys will make walking around the city a very pleasing experience for you.

Getting around in a taxi

This is somewhat a comfortable way as you can find taxis anywhere and everywhere. Even though it can be a little expensive on a regular basis, they are of great help when the trams stop running. You can identify a taxi identified by their small plastic signs which are placed on the top, but they are not yellow or colorful like in some other countries.

Getting around by boat

Even though this sounds interesting, this is not a main option for traveling around in Amsterdam. If your aim is to reach to a location fast, then this is not the ideal way for you, as this will be very slow. If your intention is to enjoy a ride in the waters of Amsterdam, then this might be a fantastic idea.

You can also rent private boats too, in which you can take a ride along the canals of Amsterdam, together with your friends and family. You can also take a cruise ship canal tour to see this mesmerizing city from its romantic waters.

If you are planning to take Amsterdam private tours, this article will help you to know more about different options available for you to travel around this place. You can choose any of these methods according to your convenience. Whichever way you choose, your ultimate aim should be enjoying this spectacular and stunning city to the fullest. So be ready to pack your bags and set on a trip to the mighty Amsterdam city.

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