Different Ways of Getting to Amsterdam from Hague Airport in Rotterdam

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Claimed to be the third busiest airport of Netherlands, the one at Rotterdam titled The Hague Airport is a relaxed, compact and less hassled space. In spite of the lesser number of airlines serving from the airport, it witnesses a million flyers on each passing year. The Hague provides a variety of destinations all across Europe and the long list also includes Turkey and Morocco.

In most normal cases, the time taken to reach Amsterdam from Rotterdam is roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes. However, it barely takes 15 minutes from Schipol to Amsterdam. Moreover, finding a convenient airport destination will be far better in order to visit Rotterdam. This has got an added advantage of exploring the major attractions of South Holland.

Touring Through a Bus to Reach Amsterdam

Public transport is said to be the best available option of transport to travel between Amsterdam and Rotterdam Airport. In the direction of Rotterdam Centraal, there is Bus line 33 to take you by flyers to Rotterdam Central Station from the airport terminal. The duration of such travel is around 20 minutes. Information about bus schedules and custom transportation directions can be referred from any Dutch travel advice sites.

Heading to Amsterdam by Car from Hague Airport

Moving about Amsterdam in a car cannot be recommended as the best option to travel between Amsterdam and the airport, considering the traffic hassles experienced in regions. However, if you really need to rent a car move about in Amsterdam private tours at your comfort, you have before you five different companies stationed right in the terminal. On a regular basis, the time taken to cover 43 miles between the destinations is roughly about 1 hour. Besides, several websites are available to motorists to rely upon up for expenses and routes.

Traveling by Train from Rotterdam Airport

Public transport can be said to be the most optimal mode of transport between Amsterdam and Rotterdam Airport. Traveling by train would be one of the most significant ones, as there are direct trains to and fro from Central Rotterdam Station and Amsterdam Central Station. Intercity trains are running to reach Amsterdam by taking only 1 hour and 10 minutes. More details relating the fares and schedules can be availed by the website of Dutch Railways (NS).

Are the Services between Amsterdam and Hague Airport Available for Shuttle Bus?

Although both these cities are the two most populated cities of the Netherlands, there are no shuttle bus services along the route. So as to compensate them, you may utilize any of the above-discussed modes of transports. Hiring a taxi to cover small distances would be affordable and practical. Furthermore, relying on Dutch taxis are known to be a way more costly affair.

Additional Useful tips: Catch the Bus Line 50 to travel in between Rotterdam and The Hague that are available from the airport to reach the Meijersplein metro station. Thereafter, the final point can be met by metro line E on RandstadRail.

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