Enjoying the Tulip Season of Holland in 2019

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Holland is again at that season of the year when the bright tulips are blooming all over like a carpet in the garden of Keukenhof. The blooming points the onset of the spring season in the Netherlands, which pulls over a large crowd from all over the world. The rising temperature in the area is of no concern to the enthusiastic visitors to the tulip fields.

Best Time to See Tulip in Holland

The fields of tulip will reach its fullest splendor and make an immense stretch of flowerbeds from mid March to May. However, tulips grown in greenhouses will be available in flower shops in small quantities all through the year. Blooming of tulips in the first half of March will also be limited.

What Makes Keukenhof Gardens Unique

The gardens at Keukenhof are the most popular among the tulip gardens of Holland, covering an expanse of 32 hectares full of beautiful bright tulips. Around 7 million tulip bulbs of 800 different varieties bloom in spring. They are planted months before, preferably in autumn.

Special Events of Tulip Season 2019

  • Flower Show at Keukenhof Gardens:The flower park of Keukenhof would host motivational gardens, artworks with flowers and wonderful events. The show will be open from March 21 to May 19, 2019. The theme of the 70th year of inception is ‘Flower Power’.
  • Helicopter Ride across the Tulip Fields:Witnessing the beautiful tulip fields from a bird’s eye view right from the helicopter is a once in a lifetime experience. The fly is organized in every Saturdays. The main focus of the flight is Keukenhof gardens.
  • Flower Parade:In the very Dutch way, it is called Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, which is held on April 13 this year. Volunteers are indulged in the work for almost a year, as the parade of flowers is a tradition of Dutch. Millions of people from all over the world witness the parade where flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, and obviously tulips, are arranged so aesthetically.
  • Tulip Festival:This year, all of those gardens of Dutch museum, hotels, and buildings will be decorated in magnificent tulips arranged very beautifully, which can be viewed with the help of private tulip tour Amsterdam. Locations may rise up to 85 in this April, which is spread across several districts of the capital city of the Netherlands. There is no extra tickets price to be paid to take part in the Tulip Festival; buying normal tickets for the museums will do.

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