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Amsterdam Private Tours
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is well known for its complex canal system, narrow houses, and artistic heritage. There is a lot to explore in this beautiful city. Cycling is the best option to discover this city as it has a large number of bike paths. Below is a compilation of best places to explore in the Dutch capital.

Botanical Garden

Hortus Botanicus, which was found in the year 1638, is one of the oldest botanical gardens on the planet. This beautiful garden has a total of 4000 species of plants, which includes wild orchids, huge palms, and many more. The botanical garden also houses hundreds and thousands of tropical butterflies.

Amsterdam Forest

Amsterdamse Bos is an artificial forest that was created during a time period between 1934 and 1964. This awesome forest has a size as big as three times the Central Park of New York.

National Park

Zuid-Kennemerland National Park is situated between Haarlem and the North Sea. The comprehensive dune landscape of this National Park has a large number of animals like the foxes, Scottish Highland cows, fallow deer, rabbits, European bison, roe deer, squirrels, hedgehogs, and a number of bird species. This beautiful park is just 30 minutes away from the Amsterdam Centraal station.

Archaeological Site

The Allard Pierson Museum houses about 17,500 objects. The main highlights of this museum include complex mosaics from the Roman Empire, marble and bronze sculptures from Greece, and hieroglyphs and sarcophagi from ancient Egypt. It also has collections of utensils and art objects that date back from 4000 BC to 500 AD.

World Heritage Site

Amsterdam is also called the Venice of the North, as it has 165 canals running along a length of about 47 miles. You would be able to explore these canals by canal biking, going for a sightseeing cruise, or through a rental boat. If you pay a visit to Amsterdam’s Museum of the Canals, you would be able to learn a lot about the history and purpose of the vast number of canals running through the city.

Historic Site

The story of the Jewish girl who lived over two years hiding behind a bookcase during the time of World War II is widespread around the world. About 1½ million people visit the Anne Frank House every year, which makes it the top touristic historic site in Amsterdam. It is always best to purchase the tickets to this museum online because of the long queues.

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