List of Cool Pancake Restaurants in Amsterdam

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If you ever desire of having a pancake while in Amsterdam, it would absolutely be fulfilled because the city has a number of awesome spots that serves delicious pancakes. You would really have a wide range of options starting from the pancakes that have a maple syrup topping to the ones with fruit or powdered sugar topping. Pancakes could also be regarded as a full-blown delicious meal. Below is the list of places where you could enjoy toothsome pancakes.

Bakers & Roasters

The awesome restaurant is located within the center of de Pijp. The restaurant prepares a tasty New Zealand style brunch. It is located in an area that lies towards the south canal belt of the city.  The area is well-known for its flourishing gastronomy scene. You would be able to find a number of amazing delicious dishes in here but, the pancakes that are offered at this place, are beyond comparison. They serve pancakes along with fruit, bacon and a splatter of natural Canadian maple syrup. The restaurant is open from Monday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The meal service they provide here includes Brunch and Lunch.

Pancakes Amsterdam

In this restaurant, you would find a number of pancake centric dishes. Most of these dishes got their inspiration from traditional Dutch cooking along with international cuisine. All the menus featured in this restaurant are divided on the basis of their style. They even have sections that are fully devoted to flat Dutch pancakes and thick and fluffy American versions. They use a variety of ingredients in order to provide a topping to the dish which would include many savory variants like cheese and ham, or other sugary delights like maple syrup and blueberry sauce.

The Pancake Boat

This is really a floating restaurant where all its customers are taken onboard for a beautiful tour of the historic docklands of Amsterdam. The interesting part of the trip is that they would supply you with a boundless number of fluffy, trimmed Dutch-style pancakes. This boat docks about in NDSM-Wharf located in Amsterdam-Noord. The boat takes on for several cruises daily. The Pancake boat offers many different kinds of trips which are all included among the regular tours offered. Some of these trips include the special holiday-themed excursion during Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day. They are open only during Sunday and Saturday from 12:30 PM. to 7:00 PM, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 PM. to 7:00 PM.

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