Major Tourist Attractions near Leidseplein Square in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Private Tours
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

The Leidseplein in Amsterdam is quite deservingly synonymous to the nightlife in this city. It is a lively hub for all sorts of entertainment to be had and enjoyed here. The famous square turns all alive once the sun sets in. This specific spot has got many interesting establishments open at the time, including numerous restaurants and nightclubs. You would find important tram lines intersecting at this place, which is one of the sights you need to aim for while on your Amsterdam private tours.

Chess Museum

Right from the giant board set in the outdoors of the museum, one visiting the place would be transported to the world of chess quite instantly. The museum is otherwise known as the Max Euwe Centre. If you are an admirer of chess, you would definitely love how this place demonstrates the history of the game. Here, both the cultural and technical facets of chess are laid out before visitors, and entry is a free of cost affair.

Nightclubs and Live Music

Jimmy Woo, Melkweg, Paradiso, and Sugar Factory are some of the popular nightclubs in Amsterdam. That said, the most striking fact is that all of these are situated in the neighborhood of Leidseplein. However, in order to attain a temporary membership to one of these places, one has to pay a small fee. Visitors then get to experience the best of world music from various artists, as each of these clubs also functions as live music venues.

Street Performers

Towards the east of Leidseplein Square, you could find a number of street performers doing their daily work of entertaining the public. Along the main square, terraces would be formed from the bar during the summer season. Meanwhile, a massive outdoor skating rink would replace the then-existing terrace come winter days. Enveloping the square, there would also be vendors serving hot food.

American Hotel

Situated most perfectly at the corners of the Leidseplein Square, the American Hotel is quite noticeable to people visiting the center. Recognized as a heritage monument, this historical construction was built in the early 1900s, and comprises of a beautiful Art Deco styled café that is deservingly included in the ‘must-see’ list for anyone visiting the Dutch Capital.

De Balie

Built in the 19th century, De Balie is a courthouse located just outside the Leidseplein, which hosts numerous talk shows, debates, and theater affairs highlighting political and social causes. Along with hosting these cultural activities, the venue also serves as a café or a common spot to grab an immediate bite to drink or eat.

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