Most Delicious Local Cuisines Of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Private Tours
Amsterdam Private Tours

Amsterdam is a city of history and culture. The architectural wonders and the evergreen artifacts that are present in this city can make the best experience from the Amsterdam private tours. Even though Amsterdam is famous for its historical monuments and museums, several other places must be covered during a visit to Amsterdam. The food culture is also one of the most attractive features of this city. Even though this place is renowned for its Dutch cuisine, without a private day tour from Amsterdam’s city to the streets to explore the local food, the trip will be incomplete.

The streets of Amsterdam offer many delicious traditional and modern dishes. During a visit to the city, it is necessary to explore the streets to enjoy the taste of the city. Among a lot of available varieties, the following are some of the best local foods that must never be missed during Amsterdam private tours.

The Stroopwafel  

It is one of the sweetest food that is available in the streets of Amsterdam. Even though the Stroopwafel is one of the traditional Dutch cuisines, it is now popularly available in many parts of the world. The distinct feature of the Stroopwafels that are available in the streets of Amsterdam from the rest of the world is that, it is made freshly on the moment while in other countries it is available only in packed form. It is certain that the taste of the caramel-filled crunchy dish will stay in the minds of the people for the rest of their life.

Traditional Herring 

It is one of the most famous seafood that is available in Amsterdam. The Herring fish is very common and it is available in both cooked and in raw form around the city. While visiting Amsterdam every person must visit the old Dutch fishing village, the Valendum, because they serve the best Herring dishes in the country. Since they are using a traditional Dutch recipe, each bite of that food is both intense and delicious.

The Cod Fry

The city of Amsterdam is famous for its variety of seafood. Even though the Cod fish is common around the world, the streets of Amsterdam is the most famous spot for cod fry. The reason for its popularity is because, the recipe that is used to make the Cod fry in Amsterdam has a secret ingredient that is still unknown to the rest of the world. the freshly fried Cod with the homemade Tartar souse is one of the best dishes that can fill the tummy and mind of the visitors of Amsterdam.


Even the name is complicated, it is one of the most common dishes which is available in most of the cafes in Amsterdam. It is similar to that of a mini pancake but its fluffy texture makes it different from the rest. These sweet mini snacks will be always served with sugar syrup on the top to make it sweeter and delicious. 

The Mint Tea

mint tea is the most popular hot beverage that is available in Amsterdam. Even though it is called mint tea, it is not actually tea. It is a hot beverage infused with fresh mint. It is not only delicious, but also has several health benefits on the human body. It commonly ordered with other dishes because it will not only have a relaxing and refreshing taste but also the property to enhance the taste of the other dishes.        


Even though it is an Indonesian food item, it is very popular in Amsterdam streets. It a crispy grilled or fried meat served with different types of sauce. The spicy peanut butter sauce that is served with the satay is what it made popular in Amsterdam. Even though it is a foreign dish, it is commonly available in most of the traditional food stalls in this city.

Oorlog French Fries

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx is a normal café and it is one of the most visited spots by the foodies during an Amsterdam tour. The Oorlog French fries is something that must be never missed during an Amsterdam visit because its fresh juicy taste will change the whole concept of the normal French fries. It is normally served in a cone topped with mayonnaise, peanut sauce, and onions. The fresh taste of these homemade fries will remain in the tongue, even after a person leaves this city.  

Dutch cheese

The Dutch cheeses are one of the most popular varieties of cheese in the world and the city of Amsterdam is the best place to buy the same. There are more than fifty varieties of Dutch cheeses and most of the shops in that city will provide the consumers with free samples to taste and buy the same. The Gouda cheese is one of the most popular variants of Dutch cheese and it makes several years to prepare such cheese.

Not only the dishes mentioned above, but there are also a lot of other varieties of dishes available in the city of Amsterdam.

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