Reasons Why Amsterdam Is the Best Place to Take your Kids to

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Visit Venice of the North any time of year, and the kids as well as adults in your group are sure to be fully engaged by the enormous parks, museums, play areas, and other historical sites that the city offers. Closeness to these interesting places comes without even moving much from the mainland, which is an added advantage to a large number of tourists visiting the Dutch capital in large numbers. Following are some places here that kids would love to visit.

NEMO Science Museum

The Nemo Science Museum could be the perfect specimen for kid-friendly places. It technologically blends education along with fun, and does a good job of it. Intriguing subjects like chemistry, biology, and physics can best be learned through interacting with the multimedia exhibits which demonstrate everyday applications of many theorems and principles. Moreover, thought-provoking games are set in place here to make sure things do not lose the needed playfulness to appeal to most kids. Eye-catching and colorful designs and art exhibitions inevitably attract the attention of curious kids coming to this science museum.


Both adults and kids would feel fascinated once they visit this neon-lit structure. Disco lights and numerous glow-in-the-dark pins are placed along the alley, which is mainly meant for triply bowling. Around 20 competitors can be accommodated in the laser tagged indoor mini-golf course. Teens and young adults can have a great time, and for the grown-ups, there is chilled beer as well as a wealth of grilled dishes to try out.


Away from the bustle of the main City, you can keep your kids engaged all through the day by bringing them to this largest park in Amsterdam. Several outdoorsy attractions are set up in this lush green forest targeting the family tourist, besides the lakes and beaches alongside picturesque woodlands. Kids can play along with baby goats and feed them in a petting farm set in the central part of the esplanade. ‘Forest Fun’ is a climbing terrain at the treetop equipped with bridges, ladders and zip lines, which is a spot worth visiting in AmsterdamseBos.

De Poezenboot

Moored to the banks of the Singel canal located in Central Amsterdam, De Poezenboot is the only floating sanctuary in the world meant for cats. Functioning since the 1960s, this cat sanctuary is housed in the interior part of a houseboat which is customized aesthetically in an animal-friendly manner. Once you take your kids to this floating space, they would end up making great rapport with the feline friends they make there. Cat lovers of all ages visit the place frequently, and are encouraged to interact more with the sanctuary inhabitants.

EYE Film Institute

When you are on a visit to Amsterdam and your kid is a film buff, at least one visit to the EYE Film Institute is a must. Movies are screened regularly here in all the four cinema halls, along with a separate exclusive screening which is meant for the kids. The professional and complicated world of film-making is introduced in a rather interesting manner to kids coming here. Besides, you can manage a self-guided tour around the museum, as can your children, and all by themselves no less. While doing this tour, augmented reality exhibits can be accessed with tablet computers. Special effects and clips followed by the popular films such as Star Wars can be watched right here at the museum.


Farmyard animals are the main highlight at this petting zoo, which also houses Yorkshire pigs and Shetland ponies. Kids visiting should get acquainted with the furry inhabitants fairly quickly. The location of the Westerpark itself is around several kid-friendly sites such as the Ketelhuis cinema, for one. Visitors including kids come here to watch popular family films. The animal farm is in the central part of the Westerpark. For timely refreshments, kids can have their favorite ice-cream from the adjoining IJscuypje Westergasfabriek parlor.


On board this restaurant-cum-boat, they serve Dutch pancakes as the whole thing moves along the historic harbor of Amsterdam city. The boat cruises along with trimmings of pancakes that can be savored right from the time of embarking at the NDSM Wharf, and while you take in the charming route to Noord and back. They have multiple 75-minute cruises each day. Adding pancake toppings is something the children can decide themselves, and they get to pick from diverse sweet masterpieces like cinnamon sugar and bacon, for example.

Artis’ menagerie

Animals of all ranges from frogs to lions can be seen at this vast menagerie. Both elders, middle-aged, and kids can spend quality time near the scenic water bodies here. Targeting the kids is a zoo designed with several attractions such as the children-friendly play area, adorned with a dinosaur-like climbing frame. While enjoying Dutch delicacies at the nearby de Plantage Café-Restaurant, you can witness the spoonbill paddocks and Flamingo passing while seated on its terrace. Attached to the sanctuary is a planetarium from where visitors can experience a depiction of the solar system.

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