Ten Fun Facts about Cycles in Amsterdam City

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There is no other bike-friendly place like Amsterdam city and that makes taking a private bike tour Amsterdam so much fun. Read on to find fun facts about cycles in the nation’s capital.

  1. Amsterdam is home to the world’s only museum path where bicycling is permitted. People pedal their way through the bicycle passage underneath the Rijksmuseum while viewing its courtyards through giant glass windows. The museum courtyards are connected with its underpass cycle passage. When people ride through the underpass, they are technically on the outside of the building, yet they get a sense that they are in the midst of it.
  2. One of the Netherlands’ most photographed sights is the cycle parking at the Amsterdam Centraal Station. Lots of bicycles are parked at the railway station, enough to make a novice feel that it is a Mecca of cycles. No wonder people go there to take photographs.
  3. Bicycle usage has grown by over 40% in the previous 20 years. The locals cycle around two million kilometers each day.
  4. Bicycling is a mode of transport and a way of life for Amsterdammers. Of course, it is more environmentally-friendly than any other mode of transport.
  5. Amsterdam is investing about €120 million on cycle infrastructure before next year, 90 million Euros of which is for creating new bike parking areas. The city is flooded with so many cycles that there is a scarcity of new parking places here.
  6. There are over 881,000 cycles in Amsterdam. That far outnumbers cars in the city. What’s more, there is even a move to ban all except electric cars by 2030 already in the works.
  7. The length of bicycle paths in the city is around 400 kilometers. It is no secret that it has more paths devoted to bicycling than many other European cities. It is just so insipid to not experience Amsterdam without taking a ride through these paths. These also make day trips from Amsterdam quite convenient and exciting to riders.
  8. About 35% of trips in Amsterdam are by bike, as opposed to 22% by car.
  9. From 12,000 to 15,000 cycles are pulled out of the Dutch canals each year. Now, here is a piece of related information that would better explain how these pop out of the waterways.
  10. Some estimates say that a large number of about cycles are stolen each year. (Or dumped into the canals?).

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