The Best Photo Hotspots of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is among the best picturesque places that you could see in the Netherlands or in the entire world. The place has canals that stretch over to kilometers, beautiful historic churches, brick bridges, and awesome architecture that date back to even as far as the 17th Century. During Amsterdam private tours, you would be able to stop by many awesome locations for taking beautiful snaps. This would also let you have a look at the wide landscape of the city. Below are the lists of places in the city, which are best known for their photogenic locations.

Magere Brug

Magere Brug is a striking wooden drawbridge, which you would be able to see during your Amsterdam private tours. Back until 1871, the bridge was so narrow that it was almost impossible for two people coming from opposite directions to pass each other. However, the old bridge was replaced by a new wider bridge in order to manage the increasing traffic. During the evening time, this place would be filled with quite a lot of couples and photographers. The entire bridge would be lit up during that time, making the whole atmosphere seem romantic.

There is also a story that is rumored around the local people living there, which says the tale of two sisters who were staying at the opposite sides of the river. The legend says that it was they, who constructed the bridge for making their visit to each other’s homes easier.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is located in the Dam Square. This beautiful building is one of the palaces that the Dutch royal family still keeps in use. This magnificent palace was built during the time period from 1648 to 1665. One of the most interesting facts about this palace is that it is erected on wooden piles. About 13,659 wooden piles were used for its construction. This was basically done in order to forestall the soft soil in which it is constructed.

You could also see a statue of Atlas position on the top of the palace. You could also see a weight of the world placed in the shoulders of the statue. The best view of this beautiful palace could be captured from the area of Dam Square. As you keep around the place, you may even get chances to see the special guests who usually come here to join official receptions or for state visits.

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