The Most Interesting Boat Tours to Take In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Private Canal Boat Tours
Amsterdam Canal Tour

A typical list of the best things to do in Amsterdam would be incomplete without a canal boat ride thrown in there somewhere. Though these were built for trading way back in the 17th century, the canals and the boats have survived, and are now an alluring tourist attraction that add to the fame of the city. This was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Rijksmuseum Canal Cruise

The Canal Cruise across Rijksmuseum has got its own historical stories to lay out, each a source of wonder for art and history lovers. Travelers can enjoy splendid views of the art collection at the museum at the docks. Personal audio systems describing the background of the place are also being equipped in amsterdam private canal boat tours


When traveling through this canal one can find the VOC ship, the Skinny Bridge, the Zevenbogenbruggengracht, and its nearby docks. The Canal is centered on the key sites of Amsterdam.

Canal Bus

These buses would take you to the most prominent places of Amsterdam, such as Albert Cuyp and Rembrandt Square. Buses are centered on the main city itself, and provide travelers chances to explore the ancient water transport system used in the old Dutch period.

Friendship boats

A cruise on one these open boats lends photography lovers the chance to indulge in their favorite pastime. It takes you to those remote places in the city which stay beautiful all round the year, which means you can check this out regardless the month or season you arrive.

A ride across River Ij

A boat called De Pannenkoekonboot, meaning ‘Pancake Boat’, takes you across River Ij, and is different from all other canal rides. It is a 75-minute cruise, where the traveler can try out diverse kinds of pancakes in their own comfort, giving the boat its unique name.

Cruising Candle Light dinner

The beautiful nightlife of Amsterdam can be captured by this candlelight dinner cruise. Couples who wish to spend their time peacefully on one of the water bodies can catch this cruise to really enjoy themselves. The vintage boats built in 1898 can make you feel you took a trip back to that period in Dutch history.

Small open Boats

The smaller, specifically designed boats are preferred by those who wish to explore the city by personally passing through the narrowest canals. Amstel River, Prinsengracht, and other medieval charms can be experienced in this way.

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