Three Unique Places to Visit during the Museum Week in the Netherlands

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Amsterdam is home to some of the best art centers in the world. Museum-going is a quintessential Dutch pastime, but it is popular among tourists as well. Some museums also have a sculpture garden or an additional attraction in the property, so even when you are on a private walking tour Amsterdam, you have a lot to enjoy. During the national Museum Week, which comes around once every April, you get to enter many museums at a reduced price or for free. During this weeklong cultural event, several museums in Amsterdam choose to either lower or waive the admission fees. Several museums organize cultural activities for kids as well.

NEMO Science Museum

This is the biggest museum devoted to science in the Netherlands, and like science itself, it is for those who have a curious mind. All visitors, both young and old alike, can explore the world of technology and science for themselves. It is home to things that are extremely special and the ones that come across in day-to-day lives. Discover, for instance, how bridges work and lightning is made, by taking part in the interactive exhibitions. Videos, workshops, demonstrations, and experiments complete your day at the NEMO Science Museum. After a visit, one will start observing the world around them with a new perspective.

EYE Film Museum

The EYE Film Museum is one of Amsterdam’s jewels. The property nearby the River IJ has stunning architecture, and it makes it instantly recognizable. People of diverse tastes, including those who are into architecture and cinema, come to the museum. It presents four main expositions a year.

The most beautiful collection of the museum’s cinematic equipment is put on view in the “Panorama” exhibition. The collection includes devices that mark significant moments in cinema’s history, comprising a 35mmm camera, a magic lantern and a mutoscope. You will get to know how film was made, how old devices look like, and the technical developments that took place in the world of cinema.

Museum Het Schip

The style of architecture of Museum Het Schip is “Amsterdam School”. Dutch architect Michael de Klerk designed the museum in the Amsterdamse School style. It got the nickname “The Ship” owing to the wavy structure as well as expressive masonry. When you view it from certain angles, the museum resembles a ship’s structure. It gives guided tours to visitors and displays works of art that trace the Amsterdam School architecture movement.

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