Tips to Avoid Pick Pocketing in Amsterdam City

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There will be hardly any person who would not love to explore a foreign land during the holidays. When it comes to picking a holiday destination, what will be a perfect option that the picturesque Amsterdam city? However, getting scammed at unknown places or having your belongings stolen will be one of the worst nightmares of every traveler. Sadly, you cannot rule out this chance in Amsterdam either. In fact, it is really important to stay sharp if you were in the city in order to attend any of the major events like the Amsterdam Pride or King’s Day celebrations. In a bid to help ease things up, below are some of the brilliant tips that you may consider in order to tackle the pick pocketing issues when in Amsterdam.

Always Carry Essential Things Only

No one can steal your things if you do not have it on you. So, the best way to avoid pick pocketing is to leave your valuable things such as jewelry pieces, expensive clothes, etc., at your hotel, locked up safely in the lockbox of your room. When it comes to cash, it is better to go the digital way or carry only a minimum amount of money that is essential for your day’s trip. Similarly, avoid carrying expensive phones. In case you cannot do without your phone, make sure you never leave it unattended.

Be Careful While Dealing with Cash

There could be many petty criminals watching over you. Hence, it is really important for you to be vigilant and careful while dealing with your money, especially while withdrawing cash from an ATM machine. Note that it is recommended to count your cash before leaving the ATM counter rather than at public places. Additionally, store it securely in your wallets.

Choose your Bags Wisely

Most robberies occur at crowded places since it will be easier for thieves to just snatch the bag and run. The fact that they are more familiar with the city is a big plus point for them. In order to avoid such situations, choose and wear your travel bags wisely. That is, you can consider a money belt in order to secure your cards and cash well under your clothing. Similarly, always keep your handbags fastened all the time or shorten the strap of your bag and wear it across your body. In case you are walking through a crowded place with a rucksack bag, it is better to wear it on your front.

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