Top Luxury Destinations in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a city with a large number of hotels and restaurants. The food scene of the city is very rich and much loved by tourists. However, if you are looking for a place where you can have a time of relaxation and comfort, you can find such places somewhere out of the hustle and bustle in the city. If you are on your Amsterdam private tours to have time out of the busy schedule of your life, there are so many places where you can have some luxury breaks and time of relaxations.

It is good to receive some pampering while you are enjoying your vacation. The amazing sceneries and landscapes of the Amsterdam area provide a special vibe, which is suitable for relaxation and leisure.

Here is a list of some of the top luxury destinations in and around Amsterdam.

Sauna Van Egmond

It is a beauty and health spa, which is known as one of the best spas in the Netherlands for more than 40 years. In 2018, the spa won the Luxury Travel Guide European Award. Thus, it became a spa which received the approval of the experts as well. The fashionable decorations in the spa make it very attractive, and it has a very friendly and warm atmosphere.

There are many facilities like the Roman pool, sauna cabins, a steam bath of Turkish style, and the only Caldarium Maximus of the whole country. Massages and luxury beauty treatments are offered in the spa. You will also have the privilege of enjoying healthy meals and films at the spa. If you have time, you may enjoy the cozy bed by staying overnight.

Fort Resort Beemster

Being one of the best luxury resorts in the area, there are numerous facilities offered in this place, which can be beneficial to cater to your pampering needs. It is situated in a beautiful spot behind the walls of the Beemster Polder, which is deep inside the countryside. The area is actually in the Defence Line of Amsterdam made by the UNESCO.

Amazing facilities are waiting for the guests who are visiting this place. Beautiful hotel rooms with amazing food, body treatments, yoga classes, and hospitality are the features of this luxury spot. It is situated not so far from the city. However, you will feel that you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thermen La Mer

This is a spa that works during the day and is an ideal location to refresh both your soul and your body. There are different varieties of relaxation facilities available here. You can have a peaceful time in the swimming pool, hot tub, or the saunas in the spa. You may take a walk around the Mediterranean garden, or have some tasty foods from the restaurant. If you are just looking for a single day of relaxation during your Amsterdam private tours, head on to Almere, one of the newest city of Amsterdam.

Ratatouille Food & Wine

This is a dining space, which offers fine French food for cheaper rates. The wine list of the place is very long, and you may select your favorite one from the list. The dining space is housed in an old warehouse. In 2014, the restaurant received a Michelin star for the excellent composition of the foods they prepared. You can get some unexpected combinations of flavors here. The place is also ideal for private dining and wedding sessions.

Aan De Poel

This is the two Michelin starred eating space, where you can experience an altogether different culinary world. The place is popular in that, its menu for both the local and the international dishes change, depending on the availability of the seasonal products and unique flavors. The wines offered here are the best compliments for the taste of the dishes served. They increase the effect of the food that you choose to eat here. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and the amazing views that you can have of the de Poel Lake makes the ambiance so desirable. It is a wonderful private dining space. However, it is highly recommended to make reservations beforehand.

Houseboat Hotel in Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer is the village, which is famous for the largest flower auction that takes place here. If you would like to spend some time away from the hectic life of the city, head on to houseboat on a canal in Aalsmeer. You can sit and relax on the boat while enjoying all the benefits. You may explore the nearby Flower Strip as well. The stay on the houseboat is kid-friendly as well, and there are a lot of things that kids can do like fishing or swimming.

Make sure that you find some time to relax and enjoy the pampering in any of these destinations during your Amsterdam private tours.

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