5 Things to Do in Amsterdam before you Leave

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Amsterdam is famous for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system, and narrow houses. It is also one among the most accommodating cities on the planet. For a lot of people, it is no just mere right to enjoy the finer things that drives them, but also a perceived responsibility towards it.

Climb the Westertoren

Westertoren is a tall and bewitching tower located in central Amsterdam, whose placement therefore gives an exceptional view of the city. This historic tower has the crown of the Hapsburg emperor at its top. The entrance fee to this tower is about €7.50. In addition, only six people are permitted to enter the tower each half hour, so you need to show up early. Another interesting fact about this tower is that it is open only for the summer.

Bungee Jumping over the IJ at the Faralda Crane Hotel

This modern high profile NDSM hotel lets you bungee jump off the top of a crane. In this version of the jump, you go the first 90 meters swinging; this being one of the highest rope swings in Europe, which is bound to become some of the scariest few seconds you ever lived through. After the marvelous swing, you get pretty much the regular bungee-jumping experience.

Visit the Anne Frank House

It is a must for every Amsterdam visitor to check out famous writer Anne Frank’s house. This is actually a biographical museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime writer, which is located on a canal called Prinsengracht in central Amsterdam. The museum is a touching commemoration, which teaches you the importance of understanding history in order to change it.

Walk over Magere Brug

Magere Burg means “Skinny Bridge”. Just as the name suggests, it is a “skinny” bridge with an interesting story behind its construction. Magere Burg was built by two wealthy sisters who wanted to see each other daily, but were living on opposite sides of the Amstel River. Another variant of this story says that the sisters, although wealthy, could not quire afford a bridge of adequate width. Either way, this bridge is also recognized as Amsterdam’s most romantic bridge.

Tour the Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh museum is dedicated to the art works of Vincent van Gogh. If you are a fan, or even a causal traveler who has a high regard for different forms of art, there is no justifying leaving Amsterdam without stopping here and admiring the large collection of Van Gogh’s art.

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