Artistically Admirable Places in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, what with all its specialties and attractions. However, it is also a fully fledged hotspot for artists and art lovers. In fact, it has numerous delightful places for those holding a special place for art in their hearts. Below are some of the most artistically inspiring destinations in the city that you can visit on your Amsterdam tours.

The Eye Film Museum

Right next to the central station in Amsterdam is the eye-catchy white building that is the EYE museum. It is a museum dedicated to cinemas and related art. It houses numerous works from artistic cinemas, and from the national film archive. The place also has a cinematic museum and a café, as well as a breathtaking view of the River.

The interior of the building is covered in filmy art depicting the history of this modern art form. You can catch paid as well as free films in the digital booths available here.

Kochxbos Art Gallery

If you are tired of traditional art and are looking for something out of the ordinary, the KochxBos gallery is the place to go to. It is a sizeable storehouse of contemporary art. With displays of modern artists including Lori Early, Yoko d’Holbachie, Femke Hiemstra, and Mark Ryden, they promote the new ways of art’s evolution.

The Vr Cinema

The world’s first VR cinema lies in this very city. The place is not exactly a cinema, but a cafe with a dedicated space where you can watch VR movies spanning 20 minutes after paying a reasonable amount. You would be given a Samsung headset and a swivel chair to allow you the freedom of spinning around. There are regular screenings between Wednesdays and Sundays, during the time interval from 02:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

Also located in the vicinity of the central station of Amsterdam is the public library. This place is a must-visit for creative heads, because of the beautiful architecture of the place. Besides, the place offers one of the best views in the whole of Amsterdam.

It is Europe’s largest Public library, which occupies 28,000 square meters spread out across 7 floors. The place was opened in 2007, and the construction is based on a minimalistic concept, with an emphasis on eco-friendly methods.

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