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Van Gogh Museum is one of the most visited and famous art museums in the world. As the name indicates, this art museum is dedicated to the works of artist Vincent Van Gogh. The museum houses masterpieces of Van Gogh, the techniques he used, his life story, etc. Works of other artists who either worked during the same period or from the same region are also displayed here. Being popular, the museum is always crowded with visitors. If you plan well, then you can make the visit to Van Gogh museum a memorable one. Here are some useful tips for you.

Better Book your Ticket Online

To skip the long queue of the ticket line, go for online booking. Tickets are available four months before the day of the visit. Choose a time slot and make sure to arrive before 30 minutes of your time slot. If the time slot expired, you will not be allowed to enter the museum.

Purchase Museumkaart

If you plan to visit more than two museums during your Amsterdam trip, it is economical to purchase Museumkaart. It is a 31-day card which allows free entry to Amsterdam museums.

Avoid Peak Days and Hours

If you choose a time slot between 9 am to 11 am or after 3 pm, you will be able to avoid crowds. Also, try to avoid visits on weekends. If you want to make a visit on weekends at least make book your ticket before the day of the visit.

No Photography Allowed

Photography is not allowed inside the museum. Any violations of this rule will result in huge fines.

Make Good Use of your Time

If you want to explore all the great works of Vincent Van Gogh, it may take at least one to two hours. If you wish to spend a long time in the museum, have some refreshments from the cafe inside the museum.

Start from the Ground Floor

The museum is arranged very well on its floors. The ground floor 0 displays the timeline of Van Gogh’s life. Floor 1 and floor 2 shows the beginning years of his artwork and information about his family respectively. On the top floor 3, you can find asylum years of Van Gogh which lead to his suicide.

Use the Interactive Audio Guide

You can have an interactive audio guide by paying a small amount. This audio guide which is available in 11 languages will help you to have more information about the works and life of Van Gogh.

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