Best Alternative Ways for Touring Amsterdam Canals

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Amsterdam’s culture and history are closely related to its waters. The large number of canals in Amsterdam is great proof of this. These canals are developed over the years to facilitate transportation and trading between other states and countries. The glory of Amsterdam that we see today was achieved with the help of these canals. Hence Amsterdam canal tours are an unavoidable part of every Amsterdam trip.

Amsterdam is best explored from its waters. It provides a spectacular and wonderful view of this city that cannot be experienced from nowhere else. Hence, if you visit Amsterdam, do not forget about private boat tours in Amsterdam, if you want to enjoy this great place to the fullest.

Here are some fantastic ways to explore this city other than private boat tours Amsterdam. This will help you to enjoy each and every moment of your Amsterdam tours.

Lampedusa Cruises

The two tour boats that this company own were once used for the purpose of transporting refugees across the dangerous waters that possessed great potential threats. Today, these boats are handled by asylum seekers who travel around the city to represent an alternative history. Each part of this tour tells different stories about some legends who were excluded as refugees and later became famous across the world. Some of such heroes of history who are now adored everywhere in the world are Anne Frank, Spinoza etc.

Open Boat Tours

Those who want to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam with the freshness of open-air, this is an incredible choice. You will get a unique Amsterdam experience by traveling on these open-air electric boats that have some passionate captains come guides. These small boats that are partly powered with solar panels can travel anywhere including every nooks and crannies of this city. You can see Amsterdam with all its minute details by traveling on these boats.This is a wonderful choice for those who are craving for some thrilling and exciting experiences in Amsterdam.

Dam Boat Guys

They describe themselves as “giggling man-babies”. These people are stand-up comedians who gained popularity across the city. They are adored by their fans for their brilliance and great skills. The small wooden boats they have serve mulled wine along with warm blankets on cold days. These people also have a stern where you can smoke as you like.

Culinary cruises

These are a wonderful choice for food lovers. They serve many snacks and dishes including hamburgers, pizzas along with good cocktails. There are also special pancake boat tours for kids. They stop at different popular attractions of Amsterdam for exploring the food there. You can enjoy the stunning beauty of Amsterdam canals when munching on your favorite snacks.

Pedal Boats

You can also rent out a pedal boat and travel across the waters by yourself. This will help you to explore Amsterdam as you like, at your own pace. This is the favorite choice of those who love solitude and serenity. If you want to explore this great city without anyone bothering you, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Amsterdam Canal Bus

This is one of the ideal ways for visitors to discover the beauty of Amsterdam. The bus travels through the canals of Amsterdam stopping at its popular attractions. This will help you to enjoy the thrill of traveling through the canals along with the opportunity to visit the famous monuments, museums and other wonderful attractions of this city.

There is a central audio commentary system in these buses that will give you a narrative about your surroundings. This will help you to appreciate your surroundings more as you can know about their history, culture, peculiarities etc.

You can download an app that will give you more information about your destinations. It provides assistance in different languages like English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, etc. for you to choose from. You will get to see most parts of the city as there are three lines and 16 stops along this journey. You can buy tickets for this journey online.

Different Canal Cruises along Amsterdam Canals

There are a lot of canal cruises along the waters of Amsterdam that are promised to give you the best experiences. Lovers canal cruise, Rijksmuseum canal cruise, Candle-light dinner cruise, etc. are a few examples of this.

The Lovers canal cruise takes the visitors to major attractions of Amsterdam within an hour. Even though it lasts only for an hour, you will get to see all the famous landmarks of Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum canal cruise is an ideal tour for history lovers as it will take you to different locations that are inspired by the collections of Rijksmuseum.

Candle-light cruise will give you a romantic experience as you can go on a wonderful tour through the Amsterdam canals along with your loved one. There are also many other special canal cruises that will be arranged on special occasions and festivals. These cruises will give you a memorable experience on your Amsterdam tours.

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