Best Places to Swim in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam has always had a close relation to water. Besides, Amsterdam has one of the world’s best outside pools (green Flevoparkbad). It happily claims several indoor swimming pools too. Below is a discussion on some of the best places to swim on your Amsterdam Private Tours.

A Swim with a Beautiful View at Het Marnix

When you can’t have a dip in the waterways, simply swim nearby them. It is a reality because of the brilliant site of Het Marnix, where you can appreciate a view of the Jordaan. It’s an extraordinary multi-functional games center in the downtown region. It is amazingly helpful for recreational or path swimming. Pick between two modern pools and visit the sauna on the rooftop patio thereafter.

Zuiderbad with a Touch of History

This is one of Amsterdam’s oldest and is located just a few steps from the Rijksmuseum. The historic art-deco appearance of Zuiderbad is an attractive sight in itself. The swimming pool makes it even better. Anticipate whirlpools, natural showers and different advantages of wellbeing. If you love skinny dipping visit the place on Sunday.

The Subtropical Vibe of De Mirandabad

This pool is a perfect destination for the family, as it gives a comfortable feeling to everyone. You would be able to take a dip in one of the numerous pools of De Mirandabad. Furthermore, you can spend some time in the shoreline or under palm trees. There are also the wave machines for entertainment. While grown-ups can spend quality time at the squash courts, children can have a fabulous time on the slides provided. You can even disco swim at De Mirandabad. The children will love to move to the DJ’s tunes.

Diverse Activities at the Sloterparkbad

Situated alongside the pleasant lake Sloterplas, the Sloterparkbad offers something unique for an indoor pool. You can have a beverage with snacks at a waterside bar in the middle of your laps. They provide a pool with 1m and 3m jumping boards. There are various other programs including Parent and Child Swimming, and Ladies Night. Those interested can also find Freestyle and Aqua sports classes.

Family Fun at De Meerkamp

This family facility is located directly outside Amsterdam (in Amstelveen). De Meerkamp pulls in its guests with its four indoor pools and several recreational programs appropriate for all ages. The best part is that they utilize way less chlorine to filter the water and choose ozone instead. There is a 25-meter pool for ordinary swimming and water with less synthetic substances for pregnancy swimming.

Consider the above destinations if you are looking for a place to swim in Amsterdam.

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