Best Spa Hotels in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a city, which offers several luxurious hotels for visitors to stay and enjoy their time in the city. Most of the hotels offer excellent views over the city and its canals. This is what makes the stay in Amsterdam quite special. There is another specialty for some of the hotels in Amsterdam. There are also some hotels which has wellness centers and spas where the tourists may relax and enjoy their days in the city.

Here is a list of some of the best spa hotels in Amsterdam from which you may choose one to stay during your Amsterdam private tours.

Pestana Amsterdam Riverside

The hotel is situated in a massive building which was once of the local government of the city. This hotel provides very high-end services and one can feel utmost comfort and relaxation in the time that he/she spends here. The rooms in the hotel are luxury rooms, which offer amazing views over river Amstel. The facilities in the hotel include a Turkish bath, saunas, swimming pool, and spa facilities.

Although the hotel seems to far from the center of the city where many other hotels are located, it is still in a major point from where one can have easy access to the nearby attractions like the Hermitage Museum, and also the famous places in the de Pijp neighbourhood.

There are many places to explore around the hotel. However, if you wish to stay inside the hotel, it is also an ideal choice because the onsite restaurant and spa are very appealing.

Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam

It is a five star hotel, which is situated inside a building, which is the best example for the Amsterdamse School Architecture. Art Nouveau-esque motifs and very expressive brickwork are the specialties of this 20th century Dutch design movement. In the different towers and floors of the hotel are contained 22 suites and 205 guest rooms with all sought of comforts and luxuries.

There is a wellness center in the hotel, which are freely accessible to the guests. There are wide range of facilities in the wellness center for relaxation and comfort. There is a fitness center with all modern equipments for gym work. Saunas of different temperatures and sizes are also a major attraction to the visitors.

Andaz Amsterdam, Prinsengracht

It is a hotel, which is located on the banks of the Prinsengracht canal. There are more than 100 guest rooms and suites in this five star hotel. All of these rooms and suites are designed in a special way with art works and luxurious furnishings. Every part of the hotel is in a way that it offers comfort and exclusiveness to the visitor. The spa of the hotel has facilities for relaxation and recuperation. Professional masseurs offer massage treatments in the spa and there is also a spa which works 24 hours.

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

This is a hotel, which comes in the list of the most luxurious hotels located in Europe. The location of the hotel is historic and the services offered in this five star hotel is matching to the status of the hotel. The hotel is inside a neoclassical building, which might be mistakenly thought as a palace or a museum at the first look. It is located on the banks of Amstel River.

The facilities accessible to the guests are numerous in the hotel. This includes saunas, fitness club, horizontal showers, and heated pools. It is an ideal place for all those tourists who like to have some pampering during their tour time.

Hotel Okura

It is one of the tallest buildings in Amsterdam. This is an advantage to the hotel and this helps the guests to get a panoramic view across the city from the rooms of this hotel. The hotel has several luxurious set ups made for the visitors. Marble bathtubs and deluxe beds in the rooms can make your stay here a memorable one. There is also a cocktail bar that is located sky-high. There are two-Michelin-star restaurants here. On the third floor of the building is located a wellness center and a spa. There are numerous facilities for rest and relaxation here.

Conservatorium Hotel

It is another five star hotel, which has gained much fame over the years. It was also gifted many awards for the excellent services offered here. Presently the hotel is housed in a neo-gothic building where previously worked a music conservatory. The hotel stands in a location, which is renowned for buildings with great architectural designs. Like the other spa hotels, the Conservatorium also has a large spa with massage space, swimming pool and a gym. There will be trainers who can guide the visitors in exercise, workouts, and yoga sessions.

If you are on your Amsterdam private tours and you want to spend some time refreshing yourself and relaxing peacefully, choose to stay in any of these spa hotels in the city.

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