Delicious Dutch Foods You Must Try in Amsterdam

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Your Amsterdam private tours will not be complete without trying the delicious and mouth watering Dutch foods. It offers a great culinary for food lovers. Following are some must try foods in Amsterdam that you will love. Cure your appetite with these fantastic traditional food items.

Raw herring

Even if this sounds scary and intimidating for some people, you should try it at least once during your Amsterdam private tours. This is a traditional Dutch food. The raw fish is served with chopped raw onions and gherkins. For this dish, the herring is cleaned and preserved in a special way (with salt). Herring is available in shops and at street stands all around Amsterdam.


This is a world famous waffle, and is also among the popular foods in Amsterdam. This delicious cookie is made with a batter which includes ingredients like butter, milk, flour, eggs, yeast and brown sugar. The special sweet and sticky syrup, which is known as the stroop, that is filled between two cookies makes it a wonderful sugary treat.


This is an unbeatable snack which is a specialty of Dutch. This roll is made by deep frying meat ragout which is covered in Breadcrumbs. The original version of this dish is made from beef or veal, but there are also many variants which include other flavors like shrimps, chicken satay, goulash and even vegetarian varieties.

You can get ‘kroket’ from anywhere in Amsterdam like cafés, regular snack bars, restaurants or even in ‘McDonald’s’ (McKroket). You can also get it from vending machines which are filled with hamburgers and snacks.


This Dutch version of French fries will leave you desiring for more. They are served with loads of topping like mayonnaise, peanut sauce, tomato ketchup etc. These fries are thicker than normal French fries. One of the most popular topping combinations for ‘patat’ is mayonnaise together with peanut sauce and raw chopped onions. This special combination is known as ‘patatje oorlog’ which the Dutch really swoon over.


They are a much fluffier version of pancakes. The ‘poffertjes’ are made with buckwheat flour and yeast and is served with a lump of butter and powdered sugar. You can also see other topping like syrup, whipped cream and strawberries on this dish.


This is another favorite snack of the Dutch and is available in most of the cafés and bars throughout Amsterdam, as this forms fantastic combination with beer. These are meat-based balls which contain a soft filling on the inside and a crunchy coating of breadcrumbs outside. The filling is made with beef, beef broth, spices, butter and flour for thickening. This dish is almost similar to the ‘kroket’ which is mentioned earlier.

Kaas (Dutch Cheese)

Dutch love their cheese. There are a variety of cheese flavors that will fill your heart. Cheese is an ingredient that Dutch love to combine with most of their meals. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or an evening snack, you can find the presence of cheese in them most of the time. Gouda’ and ‘Edam’ are two popular varieties of Dutch cheese. You must also try the ‘Old Amsterdam’ cheese also on your next trip.


This traditional Dutch food is usually served at New Year’s Eve. The taste is almost similar to the donut. This dish is normally served with powdered sugar. The dough for this dish is prepared from flour, eggs, milk, yeast, some salt, and baking powder. You can find two varieties of an ‘Oliebollen’, the natural one and another with raisins/ currents inside.

Erwtensoep / snert

This thick and tasty soup is made with split peas, leeks, carrots, celery and pork. Dutch consider that this soup should be very thick that your spoon should stay vertically in it. So they prefer to have this soup after the next day of preparation, when the flavors are mixed well and the soup get thicker.


This is a great dish to fill your stomach. It is both healthy and filling at the same time. The dish is made with mashed potatoes mixed with other vegetables like carrots, kale, sauerkraut or endive.


This is a delicious Dutch smoked sausage. It is best served with ‘stamppot’ or ‘erwtensoep’. The taste of rookworst is similar to a hotdog, but is bigger in size and the skin is a bit crispier. You can buy a ‘rookworst’ in every supermarket in Amsterdam.

Lekkerbekje / Kibbeling

This dish is made of fish. Codfish or whiting from the North Sea are usually used for the preparation of this dish.  ‘Lekkerbekje’ and ‘Kibbeling’ are made of white fish which is battered and deep-fried. These dishes are best served with dipping sauces like garlic sauce and a mayonnaise-based remoulade sauce. You can find this tasty seafood from different shops and stands on the streets where herring is sold.

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