Exploring Amsterdam Through Canal Tours

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Private Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

An Amsterdam trip will not be complete without enjoying the beauty of its canals. Canals of Amsterdam have a great role in its history. They have become the face of Amsterdam and carries great cultural significance. There are a total of 165 canals in Amsterdam that were created over the centuries to facilitate trade and transport between Amsterdam and other countries. Another purpose behind the creation of canals is for reclaiming the land for the expansion of the city. Still these canals define the Amsterdam city better than anything else.

Each and every canal in Amsterdam has its own unique features and beauty. Every canal has a special charm attached to it. These canals provide a stunning background for the city. There is no better way to define Amsterdam than these canals. They are best enjoyed from water itself. Everything in Amsterdam looks more appealing and magical when viewed from a boat. Take a private canal boat tour Amsterdam to experience the city from the magical waters of Amsterdam.

Different Canal Tours Available for You

Once you visit this city you will understand the importance of water in this place and how they are interconnected. Take a tour through the canals to get the best Amsterdam experience. Take an Amsterdam canal cruise along with your friends and family. You can also take private canal boat tour Amsterdam to get a private tour along the canals. Another option available for you is a paddle boat. You can rent a paddle boat and explore the waters according to your like at your own pace.

To get a more romantic experience, go for a candle night cruise or a dinner cruise in which you can experience the beauty of the canals with the serenity of the night. It will be a wonderful experience to see Amsterdam from its waters when it is illuminated in the night. You can go on an Amsterdam Light Festive Cruise to enjoy the stunning light sculptures with all its glory during the night.

There are also special tours conducted to visit specific places like museums. You can select Rijksmuseum canal cruise or Madame Tussauds canal cruise to visit them.

The canals of Amsterdam are interconnected with its history and culture. A trip to Amsterdam will not be complete without going on a canal tour. The beauty of this city magnifies when viewed from its waters. When you visit Amsterdam make sure that you go on a private canal boat tour Amsterdam to enjoy this city to the fullest.

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