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When it comes to planning a trip to Amsterdam, people may usually think about the clichéd museum tours, national monument tours, red light street tour, etc. Note that you can make your Amsterdam trip even more interesting and fun by indulging in some outdoor activities like camping. After all, what will be a better option than to pitch a tent, bunk down in a bungalow, parking an RV at any of the outstanding campsites in Amsterdam, etc.?  Note that this will be extremely fun and exciting if you are with your family and friends. In fact, this will be a perfect plan for all the outdoor junkies out there. On a related note, some of the best campsites in Europe are located in Amsterdam. If you are looking forward to spending your holidays in Amsterdam like this, you may plan your trip during the summer when the outdoor activities will be at its peak. Two of the perfect campsites that you may consider to make your Amsterdam private tours an ever-memorable and exciting affair are listed below.


This campsite is located at an accessible distance from central Amsterdam; to be precise, a 15-minute journey from the city. Situated in a forest of Amsterdam Noord, Vliegenbos will make you feel like stepping into another world. Even though the campsite is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, it boasts some attractive facilities and services such as easy access to the city, shower facilities, modern amenities, etc. Additionally, it boasts an appealing natural surrounding that you may explore. Of course, Vliegenbos is an ideal camping site for travelers who do not want to migrate too far away from the city. Besides, you can find all type of campers here including the diehard campers who love to pitch their tent and stay there, social butterflies who prefer to stay at hotels, modern babies who love to spend their time in a furnished hiker’s cabin, etc.

Gaasper camping

Gaasper camping is the perfect location for all the campers who love to get close to nature. The site is surrounded by charismatic meadows and waterways making it look like a destination from fantasy movies. You can reach this fairyland by a 15-minute journey by rail from central Amsterdam. Gaasper camping offers a number of attractions for both kids and adults such as gardens, parks, playgrounds, adventurous activities, etc. Since the place is surrounded by waterways, you can indulge in several water sports as well such as windsurfing and canoeing. Furthermore, you can see no huts, hotels, or cabins at this campsite. Instead, you will have to stay in caravans or tents. Hence, this place is only for committed campers and outdoor junkies. However, Gaasper camping does feature facilities such as free Wi-Fi, shower, restaurant, and a campsite shop.

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