Reasons to Hire Private Boats for Your Paris Tour

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Hiring a private boat instead of choosing normal canal cruises has got plenty of benefits while you are on your Paris private tour. You can see a lot of impressive sights when while cruising through Paris that includes the sight of canal houses, bridges, windmills, historic ships, and vintage cars. Boat rentals come with a price that is affordable by most of the tourists. Here are some of the reasons why you should be choosing a rented open boat instead of choosing to join a normal canal cruise. 

You can be with Anyone of Your Choice on a Private Boat

If you are someone who does not like to go around a large crowd or sitting next to people who you don’t even know, cruising on a rented private boat can be the best option for you instead of going on standard canal tours on big tourist boats. By choosing a rented boat, you and your loved ones can enjoy the company of each other whether they are your partner, family, friends or colleagues. These are good choices for your recreational time; refresh your mind, eliminate the stress of your life and have peaceful moments away from work. Also, a private boat cruise is a great choice for many people to go on a date in Paris city.

Private Boats are Available for Rent for Limited Hours as well as for a Full Day

Standard canal tours on tourist boats in Paris lasts for one to one and a half hours. This can be too short for people who wish to experience a relaxed canal tour. Therefore, the option of choosing a rented private boat can help you enjoy your canal cruise for a longer time – four to five hours or even a whole day.

You will be able to Drive the Boat by Choosing Private Boat Hires

Driving boats through the waterways in Paris is great fun, but the options for it are very limited. All tourist boats and private rental boats in Paris are driven by professional skippers. Small electric boats are the only rental boats that are the only available choice to be operated by you without driving experience or license as they are safe and easy to be operated. You will only need to have some common sense and follow the personal instructions that will be provided to you before the departure. 

Private Boat Hires Allows You to Go Your Ways 

The waterways of Paris have a lot of differences in terms of its size, looks, traffic, and age. There is a lot to explore while choosing a canal cruise in this city and choosing a private boat makes it easier for you to cruise at your convenience and time. 

You can Bring the Food of Your Choice

Private boats in Paris have the provision for people to bring their food and drinks, except barbeques. There are plenty of takeaways as well as supermarkets that provide you with unlimited options at reasonable prices. 

You Can Decide When to Take Breaks from the Cruise 

With a private boat hire, you will always have the option of deciding when to stop for breaks to take pictures, have snacks or ice creams, lunch or to have a toilet break. This can give you smooth and relaxed experiences with the cruises. You can go through the waterways away from the crowd of the city at your convenience. 

Private Boat Hires are More Economical than Large Tourist Boats 

Rental boats offer you great value for the money you spend on it. The cost of having a standard cruise on a rented private boat is very economical as compared to the cost of having a cruise on a large tourist boat. The average price for a rented private boat is 89 Euros for three hours, which equates less than 30 Euros as rent for an hour. The average rate for an hour varies depending on the size of the group you are traveling with – 15 Euros per head for an hour for two people and less than 5 Euros for a group of six people. The average rent for a standard canal cruise on a large boat is approximately 14 Euros per person for an hour. 

Private Boats Offers You a Lot of Comfort

One of the major advantages of boat rentals is that it offers a wide range of services for their customers. Most of the boasting enterprises have a variety of categories such as fishing boat rentals, luxury boats, fishing boats, and also other forms that their customers want to their preferences. This offers many choices of comfort to customers who look forward to hiring boat rentals from boating enterprises that offer a wide range of services to choose from.

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