The Best Pizza Spots in Amsterdam

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Are you a pizza lover wondering about finding good restaurants to get the best pizza during your Amsterdam private tours? Then we have some great suggestions for you. We list a number of great spots where you can get wide variety of pizzas.

Renato’s Pizzeria

This is an awesome restaurant which serves authentic and delicious Italian pizza. It is located in the De Pijp district and is famous for its quality and simplicity. This restaurant uses ingredients that are directly imported from Italy. You will find a variety of options on the menu for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. The wonderful selection of wines served with pizzas will give you a great experience at this place.


Sotto is famous for its special pizza base which is chewy and crispy. It makes their pizza really delicious and unique. The taste will make you want to visit this place again and again. We recommend the Coppa di Parma and classic Margaritha but there are also wide varieties of other options available in the menu card.

LouLou Pizzabar

LouLou Pizzabar, which was formerly known as LaLotta, has been selected as the best pizza center in the Netherlands. This restaurant creates their pizzas in an authentic way by giving importance to health. They use high-quality flour along with home-made tomato sauce, fresh toppings and mozzarella. This helped them to become one among the most famous pizza spots in Amsterdam.

Toni Loco

This restaurant is special because of their delicious combination of Italian and American pizza. This small yet wonderful restaurant is situated in De Pijp area on the Albert Cuyp Market. This is a great destination where you can grab a quick lunch or dinner after shopping or sightseeing. There are six options on their menu and you can also create your own pizza style by adding your favorite toppings together. The restaurant also serves some fine champagnes and wines along with pizza which makes your meal something special.

La Perla

This restaurant offers traditional Italian pizzas that are really mouth-watering. It is located in the Jordaan district and is a great place which serves delicious pizzas and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients. They import authentic ingredients from Italy every week which makes their pizzas tastier. Combine the pizza with a glass of wine to get a delightful dining experience. This can be included in the must-visit list during your Amsterdam private tours for pizza lovers.

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