The Tourist Traps to Avoid While Exploring Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit. No other cities boast the scenic appeal and liberal lifestyle as the Dutch Capital making it one of the hottest tourist destinations. However, you are likely to fall for many tourist traps in Amsterdam as well just like any other popular travel destinations. There are many streets, museums, and places in this magical city that you must avoid visiting. Two of those spots in Amsterdam that can make you go overboard on your budget and is crammed with anti-socials are given below.

Central station and Damrak

You should be extra vigilant at almost every international railway stations; let alone the case of Amsterdam central station. Note that the chances for you to encounter pickpockets and other criminals are higher in this area. So, always keep an eye on your luggage, wallet, and any other expensive items such as jewelry, watch, phone, etc. Be aware of people who are way nicer to you or who offers help and assistance without any reason. Furthermore, never act like you are unfamiliar with the place or you are a newbie here since it is the main factor that can make you their target.

At Amsterdam central station, you are likely to be hassled with many people who claim to be tourist agents. They may offer you help with finding accommodation at cheaper rates. It is better to avoid such people. Rather, bluntly ask them to go away. In case you find them dangerous or unsafe, it is recommended to notify the police as soon as possible. Besides, if you haven’t booked your hotel reservations beforehand, you can go to the tourist information desk, which is located across the central station. The staffs will provide you all the information regarding the loading facilities and other attractions that you can consider according to your budget. Otherwise, simply Google it.

Damrak is the street that will lead you to the Dam Square from Amsterdam central station. If you reach Amsterdam via train, you will have to pass Damrak on foot when you come here or leave since you are unlikely to find any other options. However, never come to this spot during other instances since this is one of the biggest tourist traps in Amsterdam. It is hard to resist the charm of this street and you may find it extremely international since you can find only tourists walking on this weird street. Note that the street is lined with multiple souvenir shops filled with many useless stuff. Plus, you can find some of the worst restaurants at this place. There are many currency changing agencies as well at this place that looks extremely shady. It is better not to fall for any of these traps; walk straight to Dam square. Besides, no Dutch people tend to walk on this street. Rather, they bike.

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