What To Do In Amsterdam When In Home Quarantine?

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Amsterdam Private Tours
Amsterdam Private Tours

We all can agree on that the COVID-19 pandemic has hindered many of our daily activities. And more. We can now no longer travel to another country or even to the beautiful places of our own city. But that should not stop us from experiencing what’s out there, especially when we are living in the internet era! 

What if Amsterdam has a solution to your dilemma? 

In between a crisis where large shows and concerts are being cancelled, and public places are closed down, Amsterdam has a few programmes that can be enjoyed while you are still at home.

Visit A Museum From Home

Who said you cannot visit a museum virtually?

Firstly, get a nice cup of coffee, relax and seat yourself in a comfortable chair. 

Secondly, go to Google street view and select the museum you want to go. You can go to the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Royal Palace and other museums via Google street view. 

Thirdly, visit the art and culture page to see the pictures very closely and you will also find writings describing the painting. 

Entertain Yourself With Movies Set In Amsterdam

Even though it might not be the same, watching a movie shot and based in Amsterdam will definitely help you lighten your mood. There are movies like the Amsterdamned, The Goldfinch, Tulip Fever, The Fault in Our Stars etc which have Amsterdam in it. 

Why restrain yourself to few movies? Explore movies of different languages shot in Amsterdam!

Virtual 360 Trips

Do not get discouraged just because you are stuck at home. These virtual 360-degree videos will help you enjoy the places of Amsterdam when you are still inside. A 360-degree tour through the beaches, flower fields, etc are what Amsterdam private tours feel like.

Read A Book With Amsterdam In It

Watching a movie will definitely show you the places you crave to visit. However, a book will help you feel the place, the wind blowing, the smell of different flowers as you pass by a flower shop, and also the chirping of birds as you walk. The experience that a book gives is worth the time spent reading it. 

Paint Like A Pro

Do not let home quarantine destroy your days. Learn to draw! The Rijksmuseum museum has started a few tutorials to help you learn to draw.  Make use of the time you have to brush up your talents. 

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