Creepy Artworks of Louvre Museum

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It is true that Louvre museum has several attractions that stun the world with their beauty. However, there are also a fair number of artworks that are capable of arousing fear in the viewers. These pieces might not be as famous as the other ones but each one of them is worth visiting. Below is a discussion of some of the most mysterious artworks that you can visit on your Babylon tours.

The Creepy Tomb of Philippe Pot: (1428-1493), Grand Sénéchal of Burgundy, Knight of the Golden Fleece

Philippe Pot was a key figure in French monarchy in the 15th century. He was a politician, diplomat, and a grandson of a crusader. He helped to organize several marital alliances and acquired the release of Charles, Duke of Orléans (1394 – 1465) from London. He was an expert speaker and a proven statesman. The effigy of Philippe Pot can be spotted in the medieval section of the Louvre. The exhibit is indeed creepy. There are a group of dark hooded figures shown as carriers of the tomb. There are vivid imagery and a haunting sensation in the section.

Statue of Death from Saint Innocents Cemetery – Île-de-France (circa 1530)

This is a scary image of death that was once found in the center of Saint Innocents cemetery in Paris. This cemetery had a reputation for housing mass graves. It shut down due to overuse in 1780. The work is a creepy one with death depicted as a skeleton.

Headless Hagiography: St. Valerie of Limoges (Sainte Valérie)

St. Valerie was a Roman period martyr. The legend says that she was forced to marry a pagan and after she refused this, she was beheaded. It is said that she carried her head in front of the Bishop who converted her. Head carrying saints are a common thing in France. You will definitely do a double take once you set your eyes on the Headless Hagiography

The Creepy Corpse of Joanna of Bourbon a.k.a. Jeanne de Bourbon-Vendôme, Comtesse de Boulogne et d’Auvergne (1465-1521)

This is the statue of Catherine de Medici’s grandmother. She apparently had a very early marriage at the age of 22. She married 61-year old John II, Duke of Bourbon (1426 – 1488). He passed the following year but she remarried at an age of 30 to John III, Duke of Auvergne (1467 – 1501). Her tomb stands out with a scary depiction of her death. The creepiest part is the worms spilling out of her degrading body.

These are some of the creepiest works you can see while you are on a visit to the Louvre Museum.

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