Full Bars On The Heineken Tour: Boosting Cell Service In Amsterdam

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Heineken Experience is a world-renowned brewery situated in Amsterdam. Visiting it is quite an experience in itself. You will return home with pleasant memories of your trip, wanting to post your beer tasting photos and other Heineken moments on your social networking account.

However, not having good quality signal would hamper your plan to upload the photographs and share the experience on social media. This is where a cell signal repeater designed for in-home use will come in handy.

Signal Repeater – Working

It works by drawing in weak cellular signal, improving it, and broadcasting the boosted signal again in your place of accommodation. Almost every signal booster is a system with the following components.

  • An external antenna to pick up the weak signal;
  • The booster to make it better; and,
  • An internal antenna to retransmit the bettered signal in your house.

External Antenna

This is the main part of the system. Generally installed atop the roof or on the house fascia, the antenna pulls in weak cellular signals. There are two forms of external antenna: ‘omnidirectional’ and ‘unidirectional’. The latter type is also known as a Yagi antenna. The former antenna draws in signals from all directions. The latter pulls in signals from between 45 and 90 degrees field of view.

There are external antennae impervious to water. However, the amplifier is designed for use in moisture-controlled settings, so it is not waterproof.

With enough weak signals, the booster will be able to do wonders to your connectivity. It basically stops call drops, poor quality of services, slow messages, and slow internet or data. You can just purchase it outright, and will not have to bother about paying any monthly installment. Signal boosters come with warranty from producers with a good reputation.

Using it is a good way of tackling mobile signal issues anywhere; let it be Amsterdam or America. A broad mobile network is available throughout Holland, but you might just experience weak signal in certain locations. This is not that big an issue, and it just takes a single move to fix it: buying a cell phone repeater. Installing it will not take much effort. Therefore, if you have a home base to explore the Netherlands, it would be a good move to purchase one for you.

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