How To Boost Your Cell Service In Amsterdam?

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If you are on the hunt for a perfect holiday destination, do not think twice when someone in your group excitedly suggests Amsterdam. The city excites every visitor, be it art buffs, nature lovers, or adventure freaks. Every day that you spend in the city, your mornings are charged up with the excitement of visiting an aesthetic location. But the possible chances of being troubled by issues in cellular network might dampen the wholesome experience of your Amsterdam trip.

If there is an issue, it must have a solution too. Issues of signal losses are best handled by cell phone boosters that guarantee you a good quality cellular signal whatever be the outside signal quality.

How Does Cellular Signal Booster Work?

Cellular signal booster has three major components, namely the external antenna, amplifier and the internal antenna.

External Antenna

The first component of cell phone booster is the external antenna that captures the signals from the outside and sends it to the amplifying unit. External antennas are of two types.

  • Omni-directional antenna

If you are in a place that receives signals from multiple carriers, an omni-directional antenna that operates in 180 degree angle can collect signals from multiple carriers enabling the booster to amplify multiple carrier signals.

  • Yagi antenna

   Remote locations might often have merely one cell tower and the external antenna has to be       positioned well pointing to the direction of the tower. Yagi antenna is the right candidate that suits remote locations as it operates in 45 degree angle facilitating the efficient capturing of cell signals coming from the exclusive cell tower of the location.


The crucial signal boosting function is performed by the amplifier and its dB gain value is indicative of its efficiency. The amplifier is connected to the external antenna as well as internal antenna via cables, and after amplifying the cellular signals, the amplifier sends it to the internal antenna.

Internal Antenna

Internal antenna performs the function of rebroadcasting the boosted signals to the required locations. A low-profile internal antenna broadcasts signals to all four directions and suits cars well as they can be placed discreetly along the side of a seat. Panel antennas cover large rooms and hence suits RVs and boats best.

Depending on the means of travel you choose while in Amsterdam, you can select from the multiple options of Netherlands mobile boosters like portable signal boosters, booster for homes and booster for vehicles.

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