Pet-Friendly Home Remodeling Ideas

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As per the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), around 30.4% of households in the US have cats, whereas 36.5% of households have dogs. Do you also have these furry friends? If yes, think about their needs in connection with yours when you incorporate remodeling for your pets into your renovation plans. Continue reading for some things to keep in mind for pet-friendly house remodeling.

A Nook to Put a Pet Bed

Make a small space for a comfortable bed below a stairwell or in your alcove. A built-in and cozy area will make that pet feel secure, plus it will appear neater than the pet bed lying amid your living room. If your furry pet is aging, incorporate accessibility into the remodeling design. Is a bed or sofa the favorite sleeping place of your pet? If yes, it will be a huge help for that animal to have the bed near long and low-rise steps.

Space for Supplies

When remodeling your kitchen, incorporate a cabinet exclusively for pet products. Organize the area to enclose pet treats, food, medicines and so forth. Include a shallow wood drawer, which when pulled out will reveal both food and water bowls. It is possible to set up a pet water fountain by connecting the structure to the waterline at home.

Space for Pet Play Items and Leisure

The entryway or mudroom can include some space to keep balls, toys and leashes, as well as towels to wipe muddy paws. Cubbies, shelves, hooks or drawers will organize the outdoor gear of your pet in a neat way. Consider the wall and floor coverings, which can resist splattering when your pet has a shake after it enters from the rainy outdoors.

For indoor enjoyment, particularly for your cat, place an elevated seat next to a window for it to gaze outside. You can also install specialty furniture, which gives a space for these pets to climb and jump.

Space for Your Pet to Spend Idle Time Alone

Your pet will sometimes be alone at home. Have a comfy space for it to spend the time – maybe a sunroom or screen porch where it can watch the world outdoors and get sunlight. Incorporate a comfortable area for it to nap. The flooring will be cool in summer, and you can use radiant heat in order to keep it warm in winter. It might not be a bad idea to have safety gates for pets, which tend to misbehave when left alone.

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