Top Tropical Getaway Destinations for you to Checkout

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Places with a tropical climate are the favorite vacation spots of many people. This is because these places have a non-arid climate where the average year-round temperatures are warmer than 64°F.

Dreamy beaches, lush scenery, endless sunshine and silky warm oceans are among the features of top tropical getaway destinations. However, each location offers unique, sultry charms. There are some destinations that will dazzle you with natural beauty, and others with cultural attractions, exotic traditions, mouthwatering cuisine, and stunning architecture. Some offer wildlife-filled wilderness and eco-adventures. Surfers look for the best wave, and divers head to flourishing coral reefs in tropical destinations. This list contains some of the world’s most stunning islands, and fun activity ideas and places for every budget.


The natural Maldives coral reefs exude a nigh surreal beauty thanks partly to the bright blue waters around these atolls. If your idea of the perfect vacation is to slip into the soul-warming, crystal-clear ocean, this is where to do so. Oddly enough, the Maldives water threatens to submerge the island nation’s shores.

The Maldives capital is Malé, but almost every visitor goes straight to a remote coral reef, with luxury resorts as well as beaches bordered by aquamarine-color waters. Snorkeling and diving are topnotch in the island nation, and it is a top destination for surfing as well. Well-known surfing spots are in the South Malé and North Malé Atolls.

Swimming with whale sharks and manta rays and offshore gamefishing are among the other popular things to do here. Water is the big draw in the Maldives, and there are so many small islands to pick from, so it is the perfect place for your cruise vacation.


This tropical island is known as the Garden Isle. It has lush rainforests, green coastal mountains and waterfalls. There is a relatively more bohemian vibe to Kauai than its sister islands namely Oahu and Maui. Kauai has a place that gets a lot of rain, but it has various microclimates, plus the region around Poipu is often drier.

Beneath the surface of the water, you will see stunning coral reefs, with tropical fish and turtles. You can hike between the velvety Napali Coast peaks, bask on Kauai beaches, admire the view from the rock exposures over Hanalei Bay, and do many other things. Other fine tourist attractions include Beautiful coastal towns, waterfalls, amazing surf breaks and tropical gardens.

St. Barts

Do you like pretty beaches, private villas, and the glittering jetsetter scene? If yes, the St. Barts island should be in your bucket list of tropical destinations to visit. Many rich and powerful people and film stars visit the island, so food and accommodation cost more here compared to other locations, particularly in peak season. However, you will find stunning blond beaches, world-class dining and shopping, and a sophistication that several other tropical places cultures lack.

With every beach being public in the low season, you can stay in a boutique hotel or private villa and live like famous and rich people for less money.


The Dominica island is a blend of French, West Indian and British cultures, plus it has the biggest Carib community of the Eastern Caribbean. Many visit it for a day on a cruiser or two days from other neighboring islands. Several visitors stay here during the winter season to escape cold climates and take in the stunning natural splendors of the island. Vegetarians will not have issues finding some good food here. Fresh produce is available in a greater quantity, so the choice of food is varied in Dominica. For food with some tropical flavor, you can add the spicy sauces like Bello signature sauce to it.

Florida Keys

The island string of Florida Keys is home to the US’s lone coral reef, and it offers fantastic fishing, snorkeling, fish food and palm-lined sand stretches. Because the Florida Keys are islands connected by causeways, you can ride your bike or drive your car between these on the 113-mile-long Overseas Highway. When you are here, consider having some conch, a form of a snail, and the well-known Florida Keys lime pie.


The gentle natives, temples with incense fragrance and rice paddies that glow in the amber-like colored sun add to the allure of Bali. This Indonesia island attracts tropical vacation seekers with its magical charm. If you are looking for a vibrant beach scene, filled with restaurants and shops, then be in Seminyak or Kuta. In these two areas, you will find great surf beaches too. Sanur town with gentle waves is great for families, and Ubud is the emerald soul of Bali.

The island is popular for its rather cheap spa treatments too, so you will not have sticker shock when pampering yourself. Accommodation includes cheap hotels and luxury villas that employ drivers and personal chefs. The nearby Lombok island is another popular tropical destination.

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