Where To Find The Best CBD Topicals In Amsterdam

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The world has started to love CBD! With the cards that it puts up on the table, we all know secretly that it would win hands down. CBD has started to go on a globetrotting adventure of sorts, and every other year we would get news of another state or country that has taken its walls down for CBD. Rightly so, it took the world quite some time to do that!

Recently with America opening itself upto CBD with the enactment of the Farm Act in 2018, the industry has boomed even more, reaching out to millions of people who are in need for the miracle drug. CBD has made its way into many European countries and people are truly opening their eyes to it.

Amsterdam is next on the list for the CBD industry. The city of concentric canals, Ann frank’s museum and bike tours exudes a charm of the beautiful blend between old and new in a seamless mix; CBD is one other cherry that you can put on the beautiful cake that the city of Amsterdam is like. The choices that a consumer can sift through are endless; you have gummies, vapes, creams and salves. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! There are thousands of brands and even more retail stores that you can visit. A simple walk around the famed city and you will be greeted by countless CBD retail stores.

A simple search on the ‘best CBD in Amsterdam’ itself will throw you lists followed by lists of CBD suppliers to go through! Going through them can be a hassle. And if you are searching for the ‘Best CBD topical in Amsterdam’, then you are in luck. We have compiled a list of the top CBD topical products that you can get your hands on if you are in Amsterdam. Read on!

The Miracle Drug

CBD or cannabidiol is only one of the several other substances that you can pull out of a marijuana plant. If only I had a penny every time I heard CBD mentioned on a podcast or pasted across an advertisement board, I would be a millionaire. CBD has got the spotlight set on itself and people are on the fence even though many have crossed to the other side; the CBD side. But what sets CBD apart from the local shaman’s chants or a Chinese snake oil cure, is the evidence and backing.

CBD has been tested and researched in controlled group by several famed organisations, and the results don’t lie. CBD is a proven alternative to anxiety pills you may take every time you feel the world is going to fall on your head. CBD has done amazing in controlling pain and reduce the inflammation that comes with it, which is heaven sent especially for those who are suffering from chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. Or what about protecting the skin and allowing for rejuvenation and recovery? Then CBD has you well covered there as well.

The best thing of all? You get no intoxication whatsoever. Unlike the other derivatives of marijuana that makes you woozy and makes everything slow down, CBD does nothing to create any of those ill effects, meaning you will be able to jump back into work more focused than ever.

The Top CBD Topicals In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the new kid on the block where CBD is legal; but with some conditions obviously. CBD legalisation is allowed for CBD substances with a permissible 0.2% of THC in it. Any more than that and it is considered as an illegal substance and you could be visited by blazing sirens if anyone catches a whiff on you. The products mentioned below are those that are within this permissible limit.

Amsterdam CBD Centre

Located at Humberg 6, 1043 AC in Amsterdam, this is one CBD retail store that will have all that you are looking for and more. From an assorted collection of top high quality CBD products that you can get your hands on, to CBD product that have undergone stringent and strict quality control checks; this is a retail store that lives up to your expectation the minute you step foot into it.

They have some good brands on their shelves, from Cibdol to Hemptouch and Endoca to PuroCuro.

Cibdol’s anti-aging cream is a must to help slow down the effects of ageing on your skin. Simply applying the nourishing cream and let it rest overnight. The CBD anti-ageing cream heals and helps you retain the youthfulness and elasticity of your skin. Results are much more pronounced when you start early and give your skin the best fighting chance that it can get!

PuroCuro’s CBD plasters are amazing and effective patches that you can simply stick onto your skin. The CBD goodness from the patch will slowly and steadily leak into your system, allowing your body to get a steady dose of the CBD throughout the day. You can be in a meeting completely relaxed yet sharp as a needle between your ears! This is by far one of the most discreet ways to get the goodness of CBD into your system, anytime and anyplace!

Hemptouch’s ointment for irritated skin is another hotly sold product off their counters. It is a daily skin care product for the face, body and hands. The ointment is mixed with an assorted blend of Chamomile, lavender and Calendula which in itself are great ingredients for stabilising hyper-reactive skin and antioxidise it to promote balance and homeostasis of the skin. There is also a generous amount of omega-3s and 6s that reactivates the skin natural barrier and helps it protect it from drying and retains moisture.

Hemptouch’s ointment is so delicate and safe for the skin, that you may apply it onto the skin of newborns and infants alike.

The calming Hemp cannabinoids also do a great job in controlling redness from itching or inflammation as a result of rashes. The products available at Amsterdam CBD centre are all tested by a 3rd party lab, whose certificates are available for any customer who wants to have a look at the potency of the product and the constituents in it.

A must check out place if you’re in Amsterdam or are visiting the city.

High Culture CBD Store

Located inBellamystraat 6, 1053 BL in Amsterdam, the High Culture CBD store is the best place for you to meet all your CBD needs. It is not only topical CBD goodies, but you will find anything and everything in the spectrum: from CBD coffee, CBD gummies, CBD protein packs to CBD tinctures and CBD oil. You have the choice of walking upto their store or you can simply sit in the comfort of your lawn chair and browse through their inventory on their ecommerce store. You can buy online as well and they will have it shipped anywhere in the world!

They sell top CBD brands like Amsterdam Genetics, SupMedi, Hemp Hero, Pura Vida, Cibiday and many more.

The White Choco CBD body and hand cream is one of the frequently bought items of Amsterdam Genetics. This cream is the perfect companion for you to use especially if you have dry skin. The CBD infused cream does a great job in absorbing itself into the surface of the skin. The CBD cream by Amsterdam genetics is also extremely aromatic with subtle hints of chocolate and vanilla.

You can simply take a generous amount of the cream and apply on your problem areas, and leave it overnight. You skin will be supple and moisturised for the day ahead by the time you open your eyes. A must buy!

SupMedi’s CBD Argan cream is also a hot sell! The combined goodness of CBD and the richness of argan make for the perfect tag team to help battle your skin problems. The cream is light to touch and you won’t feel it once you put it on. The argan oil does well in fighting off acne outbreaks and controlling the oil production. At the same time, it makes sure to soothe and relax your skin. The CBD on the other hand is anti-inflammatory and will help your skin check on redness and itching. The best thing about all the products that are put up on display in this store is that the cannabinoids are extracted by means of low-temperature CO2 extraction method. The result of doing so is that the complete essence of the plant is captured and bottled up, at the same time the impurities and oxidants are kept at a minimum.

The products are also vegan friendly, animal cruelty free, alcohol free and free from synthetic ingredients that will otherwise wreak havoc with your delicate skin.

Even patients that are suffering from psoriasis and flaky scalp can make use of the CBD topical lotions and creams up in display at the store.

The Final Note

Be sure to carry out your own researches and check out the city to find out hidden gems of a CBD supplier or store that we may have missed. There are many other individual suppliers and stores, but these are one of the stores where you can find the best CBD topicals in Amsterdam!

Before dousing yourself with the creams and lotions, make sure to apply a dab of the cream onto your skin and let it sit there for atleast 24 hours; if even after that time you notice no allergies, redness or itching then you can go ahead and use it. Make sure that you carefully look into the certification of the CBD products that you plan to buy because after all, you will be putting these into your body!

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